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Radio and TV Commercial Consultation, Script Writing, Voice Over Artists, and More…

We provide ad consultation to help you craft radio or TV ads that will win your customers by making emotional connections. We do that through an array of voice over talents for your radio and TV ads if that is what is needed. Maybe you prefer to do your own voice over for your commercial. We will consult with you to determine the right voice and or emotion for your commercial spot.

We have years of experience helping clients with script writing for powerful and engaging ads that bring great return on investment.

Most of our clients have told us the reason they love working with us is that not only are we creative, we’re fast! We never sacrifice creativity for speed. We have developed a team of people that allows us to work extremely quickly! So, if you would like to experience that, give us a call today!

At SRP Advertising we have had relationships with partner companies for over 30 years that allows us to be focused on what we do best!

Radio Commercials

Radio advertising continues to increase because it’s a highly stable and successful advertising environment. And today more than at any other time, it’s become an even more lucrative way to advertise your product or service. The simple fact is that 138 million people each and every month listen to radio in America in some form or another. The average return of the ROI can run from 3% to the highest 55% return on advertising dollars depending on the type of product or service and what your offer is all about. The benefit of using our services is that we’ve been around well over 40 years.

We know how to help you make winning radio ads!

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you grow your business in an affordable yet powerfully expandable way on broadcast radio!  800-208-7154

TV Commercials

In the world of television commercials there have been great audio and video people like Tony Schwartz, who gave us the first negative political ad with the “atomic bomb ad” during the Johnson-Goldwater campaign in the sixties. While we don’t want to draw attention like that, we do want to draw attention and make an emotional connection to your client base.

How do you do that? You do that by making sure that your commercial spot connects emotionally with your target audience. That’s where our production company, Micah Levi Media, comes in. If you’ve done commercials before, and they just didn’t get the phone to ring or the door to swing or your Internet shopping cart to remain full and orders fulfilled, then you need a commercial by us!

We have a video company standing by for TV and YouTube commercials. All commercials are shot in 6K quality. Our studios are capable of turning out any modern commercial but if you need us to come to your location, we can do that, too.

We specialize in coming up with an emotionally connected commercial that fits your budget and your production schedule.

When it comes to making TV ads, this is with our production team, Micah Levi Media.