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The Syrup Advertising crew brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.


Sean Pearce, Senior Partner Call 800-208-7154

Sean Pearce

(Senior Partner) Sean has over 32 years of advertising experience, ranging from working with Booz, Alan and Hamilton in the San Francisco office in the early 90s to technical advisor for musiciansfriend.com, to political and commercial advertising across America for many years with Ho Hum Media, Inc. Sean specializes in writing scripts for radio and television advertising spots. He loves advertising because he believes that it is the “story that compels.” Sean calls himself an impassioned speech maker, and is always trying to make sure that everybody is having a good time at the party! His ability to get down to what really matters is what makes him a valuable asset to this picture. In his spare time, Sean loves music and trying to be the best grandpa he can be for his five granddaughters! He also plays a very convincing Santa Claus upon occasion.

Pete Miller, Senior Partner Call 800-208-7154

Pete Miller

(Senior Partner) Aside from running the voiceover department for radio and television ads, Pete is our writer, bringing many years of professional writing experience for websites, publications, college courses, editing and more. He divides his time between professional writing, and SEO duties for the company. Pete’s Internet experience goes back to the late 90s when he was part of the extremely successful musiciansfriend.com. Pete has also been a professional musician since the 1960s. Pete and his wife serve as elders at the church they attend, and currently oversee a household for young men who are Bible College students.

Rick, Senior Partner Call 800-208-7154

Rick Naujokat

(Senior Partner) On the Internet, in dog years, Rick is ancient, and has the ability to reach back to the various trends that have happened since the start of the Internet. He specializes in FileMaker databases, IT services and website security, power, and back up protection for websites and Sherman tank-like WordPress website construction. Rick brings many years of databases and shopping cart systems to the table. In his spare time, Rick runs the sound system for his church and dedicates all the rest of his time to his wife and four children!

Chris Sinopoli, Strategy Partner Call 800-208-7154

Chris Sinopoli

(Strategy Partner) Chris is part of our leadership team here at the company and has many years of entrepreneurship. He specializes in direct product sales to consumers. He is a former VP of Sales for North American Plastics Company in Grants Pass, Oregon, and has a great ability to properly align and define retail and wholesale product sales. Aside from work, Chris spends his time between his three children, golf and playing music!

Sean Pearce, Senior Partner Call 800-208-7154

Aaron Martinez

(Creative Director) Aaron has many years of video production and commercial spot experience. He brings a specialty of millennial and younger generations to the table. The best part about the commercial spots that he makes is that they resonate with people emotionally and get people engaged quickly. Aaron pastors a very successful church in the city of Grants Pass, Oregon. Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Their combined skills and talents make for a extraordinarily proficient team. Together, they have innumerable insider tips and techniques to set you on the path to success and help you get the best return on your advertising investment.

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